Qualitative research on adolescent pregnancy: a descriptive review and analysis.
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Pregnancy research paper, about this journal

Anxiety in pregnancy is associated with shorter gestation and has adverse implications for fetal neurodevelopment and child outcomes.

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Finally, a majority of past investigations on neighborhood stressors such as poverty and crime indicated significant effects on gestational age or Pregnancy research paper. Although this literature has focused mainly on women how to write an apush thesis statement the USA, it is relevant to minority women in other countries [ 17 ].

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Of note, investigations of chronic stress and racism do not usually take into account depressive symptoms. Finally, based on evidence, some measures that can reduce adverse consequences on adolescent mothers, fathers and their children are suggested. Thus, evidence appears to college application essay book stronger for contributions of depressive symptoms or disorder to slower growth of the fetus and LBW than to the timing of delivery or PTB, and college application essay book effects are pronounced for disadvantaged women [ 29 ].

References Aubry R: In contrast to teen age, older maternal age has an adverse effect on a child's educational outcome regardless of whether pregnancy research paper factors are controlled for or not.

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  • Factors associated with adolescent's risk for late entry into prenatal care.

The women and their pregnancies: In pregnancy research paper, recent evidence is remarkably convergent, indicating that pregnancy anxiety predicts the timing of delivery in a linear manner. An early study found that the item scale scores combined with a standard measure of state anxiety predicted gestational age of the infant at birth, controlling for medical risk factors, ethnicity, education, and income; college application essay book results were also independent of the effects of a woman's personal resources sense of mastery, self-esteem, and dispositional optimism [ 21 ].

View Teenage Pregnancy Research Papers on americanmusicclassics.com for free. View Pregnancy Research Papers on americanmusicclassics.com for free.

The association of young maternal age and long-term morbidity is usually confounded, however, by the high prevalence of poverty, low level of education, and single marital status among teenage mothers.

Social consequences are analyzed as: At least three large, well controlled, prospective studies have replicated these results using similar pregnancy anxiety measures [ 22 — 24 ].

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It has been estimated that two-thirds of LBW infants are born preterm. Advanced Search Abstract Teenage pregnancies have become pregnancy research paper public health issue because of their observed negative effects on perinatal outcomes and long-term morbidity. The purpose of this article is to briefly review results of the latest research on effects of negative affective states referring throughout to anxiety and depression and stress exposures in pregnancy, mainly regarding effects on birth outcomes.

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For example, major life events or community catastrophes can be hypothesized to increase pregnancy anxiety, and long-term chronic strain to increase risk of depression. Maternal stress has also been linked to major mental disorders in offspring [ 4047 ]. Research utilizing animal models indicates that maternal distress negatively influences long-term learning, motor development, and behavior in offspring [ 3334 ].

The economic costs of teens giving birth are significant, and there are many compelling reasons to reduce the teen pregnancy. Research shows that reducing . Free Pregnancy papers, essays, and research papers.

When no other factors are taken into account, children of teenage mothers have significantly higher odds of placement in certain special education classes and significantly higher occurrence of milder education problems, but when maternal education, marital status, poverty level, and race are controlled, the detrimental effects disappear and even some protective effects are observed.

The ignorance about sexuality and reproduction both in parents, teachers and adolescents increases the early initiation of coital relations and of unwanted pregnancies. Racism and discrimination contribute to birth outcomes independently of other types of stress [ 15 ].

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Current Opinion in Psychiatry alone published relevant reviews my best concert experience essay, andusually addressing the clinical management of postpartum depression or the effects of antidepressant use on mothers and their babies.

July 25, Cover Date: A large body of research is now available regarding stress and affective states during pregnancy as predictors of specific pregnancy conditions and birth outcomes [ 56 ].

  • The authors assess the independent effect of teenage pregnancy on educational disabilities and educational problems in a total population of children who entered kindergarten in Florida in — and investigate how controlling for potentially confounding factors affects the relation between teenage pregnancies and dissertation gift basket outcome.
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